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Lavender: I love the color and the smell. It is calming and refreshing. The plant itself is dainty and thrives in constant harsh sun. 

Light: The right light is the key to any beautiful picture. No matter if it is natural sunlight (which I love) or flash, using light in the right way makes all the difference. God is also the light of the world. All throughout the bible, it says that we are to be the light of this world of darkness and to spread the love of  God. 

Lavender & Light started with a few people letting me take their pictures and turned into something I think about and work towards on a daily basis. It is the work in my life that I get to do, but am not forced to do. It is what I look forward to and make time for. Photography is more than just pictures to me. Photography is freezing moments in time so that you can remember the emotions you were feeling that day. It is helping someone feel as beautiful as they truly are in front of the camera. It is providing love, patience, and care to people in some of the biggest moments in life. 

My hope is that you can feel how happy I am to be there with you on your wedding day or at your portrait session. I look forward to celebrating with you, helping  you choose the perfect location, giving you outfit advice. All the things. It is so easy for me to serve you well because I am truly doing what I love. I couldn't be more thankful that you are here, continuing to grow my dream into something bigger than I ever dared to imagine. 

I feel like you need to know my story. Why photography means so much to me. And then everything else will make so much sense.

My parents actually bought me a camera when I was in college. Just for fun, and I started taking pictures of family and friends. It was pretty cool, I wasn't very good at it... ha! And then I became a nurse in the NICU. It was stressful and sad. Physically and emotionally exhausting. During that time, photography became my happy place. Something that allowed me to be creative and in control. It was something that allowed me to be in peoples happiest times instead of the sad ones. And I needed that. I clung to it. I  dove into learning and practicing, started to build a brand and a business. It filled me with joy. It became more than a hobby.

When I realized how much I loved being behind the camera, I wanted to make it official. And sitting at coffee shop one day with a friend, Lavender & Light was created. I am always learning and growing so that I can serve my #LandLphotographyfamily well. 

Why Lavender & Light?