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The days of motherhood are long, wild, filled with silly face and noises, messes, and a million things to accomplish. But the years of motherhood are fleeting. You wake up one day and don’t know where it went. How could those long days possibly go by so fast?


It all starts with pregnancy. The excitement of what is to come, and all the fun things that come along with preparing to welcome a new little one into the world. Shopping for clothes that are barely bigger than your hand, and creating the most serene nursery for someone who only wants to be in your arms. Capturing your pregnancy is a must in my opinion. Your body is doing such an amazing thing. You are carrying a life mama! And you are beautiful and strong while you are doing it.


Your baby is squishy and sleepy, and every breath they take is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. I remember bringing Dean home from the hospital, our cat hissing at him before we even got him out of the carseat, and being in a quiet house, just us. Nobody to remind us to feed him or change his diaper. It was surreal. We had prayed for so long and finally had our sweet baby home with us.

Newborn photos are something that just can’t be replaced. You can’t say, oh we will do those later, because these babies do not keep. They grow and change at a rate that is hard to even comprehend. I remember picking him up out of his crib in the mornings and thinking, Gosh, he grew.

Let’s photograph your new family. Those sweet cheeks and fuzzy hair. And in a few months after you session, when you are out of that newborn cycle of feeding around the clock, and the baby is napping, you can curl up on the couch with the baby album to remember just how tiny they were.

 "From maternity sessions to milestone sessions for both of our daughters, Emily has been there for it all! We keep going back for more!"

jordyn park

"We walked through our pregnancy journey with her and she made me feel beautiful in all of the stages and was wonderful with our sweet boy!"

lindsey chilton


Your baby will learn and grow so quickly over the first year. The gap between a newborn session and the first birthday session is just too big. A milestone session can be scheduled around 6 months. It is great to wait until the baby has started sitting up on their own. Those photos are the sweetest! Let’s have your family hop back in front of the camera. A lot has changed in the months since the baby was born, but you are doing great! Let’s document that.

One Year

How. How is it possible to already be at the ONE year mark? But, time doesn’t slow down just because we can’t believe it. So let’s just do a really good job of enjoying the season we are in now. First Birthday sessions to me include lots of cute photos of baby alone as well as with parents and siblings. This session will allow their little personality to shine.

Let me Tell Your family's Story.

You can reach out as soon as you know your due date, or after your baby has been home for a few weeks. It is never too early or late to start photographing your family. Let's start now!


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