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Hannah’s Bridals

Hannah’s Bridal portrait session really was a dream come true. I had come accross this spot and just knew that it was something special. You just don’t see things like this. All of the stone used to be canals so that the Catawba River could be used to transport goods in the 1820’s. I think it is so amazing because at the time these canals were being built, it wasn’t to be pretty. But now, they are gorgeous and were the perfect backdrop for a very dreamy bridal session.
Hannah brought her mom and dad along with her to her session and we had such a good time. We talked, laughed, climbed, all while dripping sweat. It was hot and Hannah handled it all so well. Anybody that has ever worn a wedding dress knows those things keep the heat all tucked in. Her bouquet was made with love and had a very special ladybug brooch right in the middle. It had her color purple and was one more special touch that she had added to her wedding day. She was seriously willing to do anything I asked her to so that we could get the shots I had in mind. It was a blast and I loved getting to be part of this time in her life.
I remember my bridal session was one of my favorite parts of the wedding planning process. It was a time to get all done up, hair, makeup, DRESS, and to just walk around and have fun. The wedding day goes by so so fast, and I loved being able to walk around and feel beautiful in my wedding dress. Just think about how much we all loved to play dress up as little girls and times that by a million… plus we have pictures to remember it by.
Enjoy sweet Hannah’s session! 2018-11-27_0024.jpg

September 22, 2018

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