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Asher is ONE

Where do I even begin with sweet Asher. His smile will steal your heart. He is just so happy, all the time. As long as his momma is in sight. But who can blame him there because she is his absolute best friend. Kristin and Asher do everything together and it is precious. I took Kristin’s maternity pictures, so we talked about Asher before he was even in this big world. Then I got to meet him at his newborn shoot. And over this year I have watched him grow through pictures on facebook and the videos that Kristin has shown me at work. He even came to my house for a Scentsy party!! It is hard to believe he is almost a year old. He is full of energy and grins. What better way to celebrate his Christmas birthday than at a tree farm and smash his adorable cake in a little antique store that was decorated perfectly!

Thanks to The Painted Owl antique store and the Christmas tree farm in Midland, NC for letting us take these pictures!!


December 12, 2018

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