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Mommy/ Daughter Session at McGill Rose Garden

I was listening to a podcast one day that said photography makes time stand still. Every moment that passes is a moment that we will never get back, and most moments will be forgotten all together. It has made me view photography in a whole different way since I heard that. Pictures capture every detail of a specific time. In this case, August is almost 3 years old. She has ringlet curls and a huge personality. Every person, car or truck that passed us got a wave. The puppy that was in the garden got lots of love. She held her mommas hand everywhere she went. She held my hand whenever possible too. She explored and roamed McGill Rose Garden. Then when she was done, we went for ice cream and it was the perfect end to such a sweet session. I loved being able to spend time with Victoria, sitting in the grass in downtown Charlotte. Watching sweet August take in the city while eating her ice cream from Elizabeth Creamery. I used to be scared to ask if I could take pictures in certain places. But most people say of course with a big smile on their face. I love that we were able to freeze this time of August’s life. Enjoy some of my favorite picutures from their Mommy/ Daughter Session!

April 25, 2019

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